There Are Consequences for Your Words Towards Others

Feeding the Flock

By now most people online )or those that still watch the news media) have already heard about the tragic elementary school shooting that took place in Uvalde Texas in May 2022. From childhood friends to family members of the shooter are interviewed by reporters we start to see what motivated him to murder, as well as the type of personality he had.

The Washington Post reported this about the shooter, “In middle school and junior high, Ramos was bullied for having a stutter and a strong lisp, friends and family said. Stephen Garcia, who considered himself Ramos’s best friend in eighth grade, said Ramos didn’t have it easy in school. “He would get bullied hard, like bullied by a lot of people,” Garcia said. “Over social media, over gaming, over everything.”

His grandfather, who Ramos lived with due to a fight with his mother said his grandson was quite and…

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